Droen's Bard Book

Basket of Eggs


Lyrics (words only)

Author: Author Unknown

Down in Sandbank fields, two sailors were walkingTheir pockets were both lined with gold,
And as together they were talking,
A fair maid there they did behold.
With a little basket standin’ by her,
As she sat down to take her ease.
To carry it for her one of them offered.
The answer was: "Sir, if you please."

One of these sailors took the basket.
"There's eggs in the basket, please take care;
"And if by chance you should out-walk me,
"At the halfway house, please leave them there."
Behold these sailors, they did outwalk her,
The halfway house they did pass by.
This pretty damsel she laughed at their fancy,
And on the sailors she kept her eye.

When these two sailors came unto an ale-house,
There they did call for a pint of wine,
Saying "Landlord, landlord, what fools in this nation!
"This young maid from her eggs we've twined.
"Oh landlord, landlord, bring us some bacon.
"We've got these eggs and we'll have some dressed."
Behold these young sailors were much mistaken,
And you shall say when you hear the rest.

'Twas then the landlord he went to the basket,
Expecting of some eggs to find.
He said, "Young man, you're much mistaken,
"Instead of eggs I've found a child."
Then one of them seat down to weeping.
The other one said, "It's not worth while.
"Here's fifty guineas, I'll give to the baby,
"If any woman will take the child."

The pretty young damsel she sat by the fire,
And she had a shawl drawn over her face.
She said, "I'll take it and kindly use it,
"When first I see the money paid."
One of the sailors threw down the money,Great favour to the babe was shown.
"Since it is so, then let's be friendly,
For you know, this child is yours and mine."

"Don't you remember a-dancing with Nancy,
"As long ago as Easter day?"
"Oh yes, and I do, and she pleased my fancy,
"So now the fiddler I have paid."
One of the sailors went up to the basket
And he kicked the basket over and o'er.
"Since it is so, may we all be contented,
"But I'm hanged if I'll like eggs any more."

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