Droen's Bard Book

Aged Swordsman


Lyrics (words only)

Author: Author Unknown

What boy is this who blocks my way
His hand upon his sword?
A challenge then
Another pup who will not be ignored
He lusts for glory, longs for fame
He wants it all today
He thinks an aging swordsman will be weak and easy prey

It's beat and bind and cut and thrust
It's eye and arm and breath
It's nerve and brain and steel and blood
The Swordsman's Dance of Death

Now hear me boy and listen well
Before you draw the blade
If you would step the Dance of Death
The piper must be paid
'Tis true I'm not now what I was,
My hair and beard are gray
But if you'd see tomorrow's dawn best walk away today

You think your youthful speed and zeal
Will be the death of me
My head holds far more deadly tricks
Than you would live to see
My wrist and arm are tempered steel
While yours are forming clay
I kill my first before your birth; I'll kill you if you stay

It's all for naught your sword leaps out
Mine follows in reply
It's sad, for I know what you do not
I know that you can die.
No time for words, but ponder this
While choking on your blood,
Old swordsmen get to be that way by being very good.


The Swordsman's Dance of Death

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